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Fully booked. Join Mary Anthony of Blockstack PBC, creator of the Zero-to-Dapp Tutorial for this virtual workshop. Learn to build your first dapp, get help in real-time, and meet other developers building with Blockstack. Participants who complete the workshop will receive a special Zero-to-Dapp t-shirt!
What to expect
At this workshop you will build a dapp from scratch and meet other developers building with Blockstack.
60 minutes of code
This is a technical workshop aimed at developers of all levels, we'll be getting right to coding.
Hands-on support
Engineers from Blockstack PBC will be on-hand to support you as the workshop moves along.
Open Q&A
Throughout the workshop you'll be able to ask questions at any point and get immediate answers.
Mary Anthony
Engineer, Blockstack PBC & creator of Zero-to-Dapp
Mary joined Blockstack as a Documentation Engineer. She has co-founded a CRO, managed teams, developed documentation deployment infrastructure, and designed user interfaces. Her experience includes developing content for open source, clinical research, container technologies, security software, business intelligence software, remote source control software, and system administration. She spends her non-work time studying figurative art, hiking, and trail running.
Hank Stoever
Engineer, Blockstack PBC
Hank is an engineer at Blockstack, working on developer tools and consumer-facing products. He previously worked as an engineer for a variety of startups, including as lead developer for Startup Digest.
Thank you + welcome to App Mining
As a thank you for joining, you get a limited edition t-shirt!
At the end of the workshop, you'll submit your sample app to and learn more about App Mining. Traditionally the term mining in cryptocurrency refers to the process of contributing compute resources to the network and earning a reward. On the Blockstack network, however, instead of just mining through computation, developers can mine by contributing apps to the ecosystem and making applications the community wants.