Evangelists, need swag?
You've come to the right place.
A quick note: The environment is really important so the process for swag reflects our effort to 1) minimize impact to the planet and 2) maximize the swag-per-dollar.

All swag orders require prior approval from a member of Blockstack PBC.
Current Swag Options and Processes:
We've done some research and determined that supplying you with designs to print locally is the best planet and swag per dollar outcome. Follow these instructions for order details and reimbursement.
Get Tees
Stickers are great, they ship nicely and go great on laptops. Fill in this short form to request stickers, we order once a week and will do our best to share updates on your order.
Get Stickers
Business Cards
We're working to set up a portal through which you can order Evangelist business cards. These will be in limited quantities and intended only for those representing Blockstack at industry events.
Coming Soon
Want to order something else for your event or community? Let us know and we'll see what we can work out!
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