4th Annual Blockstack Summit

Blockstack Summit
October 23rd, 2019 | San Francisco
Next Evolution of Computing
Write the future of fundamental digital rights
A key piece of Blockstack's mission is ensuring the rights you're afforded in the physical world are protected in your digital one. These fundamental digital rights are tantamount to the future of our digital lives. Let's push these critical ideas and considerations to the forefront of decentralized computing and beyond.

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Featured Speakers
For the first time, we will be joined by special guests Naval Ravikant (AngelList) and Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash and most recently, Fall, author) in a fireside chat!
Neal Stephenson
Best-selling Author, Futurist
Twitter: @nealstephenson
Neal Stephenson is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the novels Snow Crash, Seveneves, Reamde, Anathem, The System of the World, The Confusion, Quicksilver, Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac, and the groundbreaking nonfiction work In the Beginning . . . Was the Command Line.
Naval Ravikant
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
Twitter: @naval.
Naval is an entrepreneur and angel investor, a co-author of Venture Hacks, and a co-maintainer of AngelList. Previously he was a co-founder at Genoa Corp (acquired by Finisar), Epinions.com (IPO via Shopping.com), and Vast.com (largest white-label classifieds marketplace). He has also advised Bix.com, iPivot, and XFire, among others, and invested in many companies, including Twitter, FourSquare, DocVerse (sold to Google), Mixer Labs (sold to Twitter), Jambool (sold to Google), SnapLogic, PlanCast, Stack Overflow, Heyzap, and Disqus.
Conference Program
Wednesday, October 23rd
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09:30 – 10:30
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Speaker Presentations & Panels
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Speaker Presentations & Panels
Event Over, Networking
Neal Stephenson
New York Times bestselling author
Naval Ravikant
Co-Founder, AngelList and Co-Author of Venture Hacks
Elizabeth Stark
Co-Founder & CEO, Lightning Labs
Dave Morin
Founder of Slow Ventures
Past: CEO/Co-Founder, Path
Muneeb Ali
Co-Founder & CEO, Blockstack PBC
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About Blockstack
Blockstack is a decentralized computing network that puts users in control of their data and identity. Apps built on Blockstack make data breaches and trust violations an antiquated notion.
Blockstack CEO, Muneeb Ali at the Japan Society
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