Evangelists, met a great team?
Perfect, we'd love to meet them!
  • Send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Referral: [Name of Project]"
    • Please include a link to the project and any other relevant material, and include a very brief explanation of why you like the project and why it would be a great fit for Blockstack.
    • For any team members you can, please include links to relevant social accounts (linkedin, twitter, github, etc) or other relevant information.
    • NOTE: These referrals are not for people looking to apply for a position to work at Blockstack PBC. Individuals looking to explore job opportunities at Blockstack should contact [email protected]).
  • Do not copy the project on the initial email to Xan, only information on the project and team. Xan will reply as soon as possible to continue the process and request an introduction if appropriate.

How to Evaluate Projects

In general, projects should share the Blockstack philosophy of users owning their data, and should see outsized value, or competitive advantages from 1-2 of the following at a minimum:
  • Users of incumbent products have frustration around data ownership
  • Censorship resistance
  • Could have various end-clients built by other teams
  • Ability to return capital to its stakeholders as a function of positive social good

Some other factors to consider:


  • Could this disrupt a major existing platform/network or communication channel?
  • Does the project innovate on a proven communication medium?
  • Does this have broad market appeal beyond the core crypto population?
  • Is there potential to reach underserved individuals?
Product Validation
  • Has the founding team at least started to validate use case?
  • Is there a clear shortcoming with incumbent products?
  • Not just a clone of an existing service— is there some material improvement?
  • If clone of failed service, has studied and has a point of view on why they failed, and a compelling fix that their project provides?
  • Have the founders started a project before or is this their first?
  • Does the team have experience with similar products or within their initial target market?
  • Are the founders high quality?
  • Is the team outside of the founders high quality?