Radiks Workshop w/Blockstack
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Join Hank Stoever, of Blockstack PBC and creator of Radiks.js for this virtual workshop. This session will focus on features and functions common to collaborative apps and apps that aggregate public data from many of different users. Hank will take you through adding features such as real-time updates, private collaboration, notifications, and more to your applications.
VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: 9/4/2019 at 10am PST
What to expect
You will learn about Banter & Lettermesh-two demo apps that show Radiks' capabilities-and how integrate similar features in your own apps.
60 minutes of code
This is a technical workshop aimed at Intermediate to Advanced developers, we'll be getting right to coding.
Hands-on support
Engineers from Blockstack PBC will be on-hand to support you as the workshop moves along.
Open Q&A
Throughout the workshop you'll be able to ask questions at any point and get immediate answers.
Hank Stoever
Engineer, Blockstack PBC
Hank is an engineer at Blockstack, working on developer tools and consumer-facing products. He previously worked as an engineer for a variety of startups, including as lead developer for Startup Digest.
New to dapps or Blockstack?
Start with the Zero-to-Dapp Tutorial
If you're looking to build applications that protect privacy, offer better security, and allow users to own their data and identity, the best place to start is the 'Zero to Dapp' Tutorial. This tutorial will help you through key aspects of building on Blockstack and give you a good sense of tools and resources available to you.
Learn in 60 Minutes
Dive Deeper
The opportunity continues
Fund your ideas with App Mining
Traditionally the term mining in cryptocurrency refers to the process of contributing compute resources to the network and earning a reward. In the Blockstack Ecosystem, instead of just mining through computation, developers mine by building apps and the Blockstack community funds them simply for being pioneers in the emerging Blockchain software market.

We believe app mining represents a revolution in app funding, allowing small teams to bootstrap without advertising or venture capital. Each month, qualifying apps compete for funding. Qualified apps are evaluated and ranked by expert app reviewers. The better your app, the higher payout you earn.
About Blockstack
Blockstack is a decentralized computing network that puts users in control of their data and identity. Apps built on Blockstack make data breaches and trust violations an antiquated notion.