Online session:

Tuesday, May 21

12:00pm est - 1:00pm est
We look forward to having you join us for our second session!
Blockstack is committed to building an inclusive culture and creating pathways for growth and success. Level Up: Women in Emerging Tech mini-series will provide an outlet for professionals in the USV network and beyond to learn from those who are "two steps ahead," hearing their stories and gaining tangible skills to enhance their careers along the way. The series will delve into the art of creating space and making one's voice heard in emerging industries. By learning from those who have seen success, we hope to empower women in tech and inspire new leaders for the future.
What to expect
In this second online session, Gina Abrams, People Ops Partner at Blockstack, will be chatting with Jun Gong, Co-Founder of on her career in tech and what she's learned along the way. The session will be followed by a Q&A.

We look forward to having you join us!
Gina Abrams
People Operations Partner at Blockstack
Gina Abrams is the People Operations Partner at Blockstack. She studied Psychology and Social Sciences at Binghamton University. Previously she spent two years in technical recruiting, during which time she assisted numerous NYC start-ups in mission-critical hires.

Twitter: @Gina_Abrams_
Jun Gong
Co-Founder of
Jun has extensive experience in corporate accounting, finance, innovation and technology in Shanghai, San Francisco and New York. With her MBA from Hult International Business School, Jun brings a truly international cultural and business background and deep blockchain knowledge to the team. From 2012-2015, Jun co-founded three tech start-ups in the US, which taught her invaluable lessons - and confirmed her calling as an entrepreneur.

Just before co-founding, Jun was the business operations lead for China and the rest of Asia for SMART VALOR, a pioneering blockchain fintech company based in Switzerland. Jun is passionate about the importance and potential of blockchain technology and applying it in impactful ways, and is proud to be a 'woman in tech'.
Twitter: @heartofwoods
This event is 100% free. It will be limited to 50 participants to make sure everyone has a great experience.
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