JavaScript Developers: Earn Bitcoin every month by building decentralized applications
App Mining is a program designed to fuel developers building applications on Blockstack. Building is easy. You work in JavaScript, Blockstack Auth and GAIA Storage do the rest. You can contribute to the ecosystem, protect your users, and start earning monthly payouts right away.

$100,000 USD is available in December!
You can qualify by integrating Blockstack with an existing application or by building a new one
Blockstack makes securing and protecting your users and their data easy. Connect with our team to learn more and get registered.
Graphite earned $5,000 USD in App Mining in September 2018
The hardest part of launching any application, let alone a decentralized application, is bootstrapping it. Even if you're seeking funding, that process often takes time. Blockstack App Mining allows an application to focus on building something great rather than diving straight into fundraising.
Justin Hunter, Founder of Graphite
Meet the top earners from September's Alpha run:
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