Graphite's Justin Hunter on June 27, 2019
Encrypt My Photo's Andrey Azimov on July 25, 2019

Meet Blockstack Makers
Featuring the founders of Graphite and Encrypt My Photos
Hear the parts of the startup story most people had no idea about. Learn from the founders behind Graphite and Encrypt My Photos and gain first-hand insights on how they validated and built profitable side projects. Indiehackers Worldwide events hope to help inspire you to start YOUR own Maker story.

Featured Makers
Justin Hunter
Creator of Graphite (12.5k$/MRR)
Justin Hunter was able to take Graphite from an idea to a personal experiment to a lightly used app to a full-blown business. Justin Hunter is the founder of Graphite, a secure productivity suite. Coming from a non-development background, Justin has an MFA in Creative Writing, a BS in Business Administration, and a whole lot of hours logged on Udemy, forums, Stackoverflow, and more. He is based in Dallas, TX and is working on making Graphite the go-to alternative for those who want a secure set of tools to get work done.
Andrey Azimov
Product Hunt Maker of the Year 2018
Last March 2018, Andrey Azimov quit his job and gave himself one year to get to profitability as an Indie Maker. Since then, Andrey's 'Hardcore Year' has been about shipping products like Encrypt My Photos, Progress Bar OSX, MacBook Alarm, Dark Mode List, and Preview Hunt — as well as getting to $1K per month in recurring revenue.
July 25th, 2019
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+8
Intro, Anthony Castro of IHWW
Encrypt My Photos, Andrey Azimov
Q & A + Breakout
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Blockstack CEO, Muneeb Ali at the Japan Society
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