Hello Blockstack
Greetings! We want to share the decentralized diversity of Blockstackers with the world through video! All videos will be made available for others to use in their own versions of a "Hello Blockstack" video should they like to create one. Please submit a video of you saying "Hello Blockstack!" in your local language to be downloaded and compiled into multiple group videos edited by Blockstack Community Members!
Submit your video:
→ Decentralized way (Method 1)
→ Easy, but centralized (Method 2)
Record offline and send a link to your video
Follow the instructions on this form if you want to record locally or avoid your video touching a centralized service.
Your data will be capture via pForms, a decentralized form solution.
Record right here with your webcam
This may be easier, but uses a service called Camera Tag. Metadata is not stored and videos will be used in the same way as the first method.
Fill out the required information on the popup form and you'll be redirected to the recording widget.
A few details...
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You'll be redirected to record your video in the browser