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Louise Ivan
Blockstack PBC
Louise is the Community Partner at Blockstack. He is currently based in Amsterdam, where he previously worked with various tech-startups. Master's graduate in Green IT, with expertise stemming from the intersection of the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. Passionate towards the creative process, he spends his free time painting and surfing.
Mark Hendrickson
Blockstack PBC
Mark Hendrickson is a Product Manager from San Francisco with over a decade designing, developing and marketing Web and mobile applications for startups. He now lives in Barcelona in self-imposed exile having launched a number of products in Silicon Valley such as Plancast, KITE, Lift and CrunchBase.
Matt Little
Blockstack PBC
Matt is a Full-stack engineer at Blockstack, involved in blockchain related development for over 5 years. He worked as a lead developer at several startups, shipping both developer and consumer-facing products. Prior to Blockstack, Matt was a senior engineer at Hosho and lead development on an Ethereum smart contract development and testing tool suite.
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