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Ongoing Open Meetings
Stacks Blockchain Engineering Weekly
This is an open-to-the-public meeting. Stacks engineers from across entities meet and everyone in the community is welcome — app developers, app users, and the simply curious. You can listen in, ask a question, or participate in our discussions of engineering concerns or questions. → Add to Calendar

Stacks Blockchain Architecture Bi-Weekly

A meeting specifically for working out any architecture blindspots. This meeting is separate from the recurring Stacks blockchain meeting and tends to be more open-ended and strategic, covering design discussions, architecture review, and similar. → Add to Calendar

STX Miner Call (Monthly)

A recurring meeting for Stacks miners to connect and discuss the Stacks network, mining status, and more. → Add to Calendar

'Writer's Room'

A weekly meeting for anyone in the Stacks Ecosystem that creates content or generally works in marketing to share what they have coming up, how others can support it, and suggest content gaps they'd like to see someone take the lead on. → Add to Calendar

Stacks Ecosystem Events