How can we help?
We support events and community building in a variety of ways - if it's related to the decentralized web, blockchain, cypto, etc. it's probably something we'd love to lend a hand to. If you have an event you'd like to run or attend in your community, let us know. We've backed everything from Meetups to Hackathons - email or schedule a call with our Community team to get started and check out some examples of how we support below.
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Hackathons & Workshops
Hackathons & Workshops
We're a big supporter of developers far and wide. With hackathons and developer workshops, we love to get our hands dirty and show up with our very own engineers to help your attendees. Along with prizes, product, and more, we often sponsor with cash, marketing support, and repeated support of your future events too!
Hosting a Meetup in your area? We love it. You have people looking to learn something new and that's something we'd love to help with. Let us know a little bit more about your event - we'll take a look and arrange some time to learn more and go from there. Chances are, we can provide great people, some budget, and great materials to make your Meetup smooth.
Are you looking for a really awesome speaker at your next event? We have a great list of talented people we can help bring to your event, including our founders, Ryan Shea and Muneeb Ali.
Typical Sponsorship Items
Blockstack Support:
Monetary sponsorship
Mentorship (technical coaching and mentoring - we'll fly them out on our dime!)
Marketing support (listed on our events page, mentions on Blockstack channels)
Commitment to sponsor your next event if all goes well
You tell us - above all we want to help you how you need it - tell us what you need!
Your support:
Short, non-salesy Blockstack presentation
Blockstack logo placement
Feature Blockstack in event content (email, blog post)
Distribution of product codes, materials
Post event survey (we just want to know how things went!)