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Ended: New York City
September 13th, 2018 from 6:30pm-8:30pm
Benefiting Girls Who Code
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Muneeb Ali - Welcome to the "Decentralizing the World Tour"
Farida Nabourema - Internet Repression: A Threat to Democracy
Megha Rajagopalan - Surveillance and Censorship in China
Justin Hunter - Graphite: Decentralized and encrypted productivity
Avthar Sewrathan, Richard Adjei and Felix Madutsa - Afari: Decentralizing Social Media
Muneeb Ali, Megha Rajagopalan, Farida Nabourema and Alex Gladstein (moderator) - "Promoting Freedom through Decentralization" Panel
About the Tour
Blockstack is hosting a global speaker series featuring thought leaders and luminaries discussing and presenting on key topics related to decentralization, the new internet, dapps, censorship, token economies, and more. The tour will feature some of the biggest names, projects, and people discussing the most important ideas, problems, and opportunities in our rapidly changing world. We'll be making stops in cities around the world and want to meet you!
NYC Speakers
Muneeb Ali
Co-founder, Blockstack
Megha Rajagopalan
China Bureau Chief & Asia Correspondent, BuzzFeedNews
Alex Gladstein
Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation
Justin Hunter
Founder, Graphite
Avthar Sewrathan
Founder, Afari
Richard Adjei
Founder, Afari
Felix Madutsa
Founder, Afari
Thursday, September 13th
Muneeb Ali, Blockstack
Internet Repression: A Threat to Democracy
Farida Nabourema, Togolese blogger and youth movement leader
Surveillance and Censorship in China
Megha Rajagopalan, China Bureau Chief & Asia Correspondent, BuzzFeedNews
"Promoting Freedom through Decentralization" Panel
Muneeb Ali, Blockstack, Megha Rajagopalan, BuzzFeed & Alex Gladstein, Human Rights Foundation, Farida Nabourema, Togolese blogger and youth movement leader
We live in a world where online data is nearing the importance of physical property. Our photos, correspondence, musings, and money are increasingly being moved into the ether. However, stealing or destroying that online data has become much easier than stealing or destroying physical property, because of the way many online platforms are architected.
Graphite: Decentralized and Encrypted Productivity
Justin Hunter, Founder, Graphite
Afari: Decentralizing Social Media
Avthar Sewrathan, Richard Adjei & Felix Madutsa, Founders of Afari
8:25pm - 8:30pm
8:25pm - 8:30pm
Closing Remarks
Muneeb Ali, Blockstack
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Blockstack PBC will donate all proceeds from the New York City tour event on September 13th, 2018 to Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code helps to educate and equip girls to pursue opportunities in tech! Donations help them reach more girls with their free programs, find and train Volunteers and Teachers for their Clubs and Summer Immersion Programs, create a world-class curriculum for their classrooms and develop new programs to close the gender gap in tech
The Venue: Old Slip
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