August 2018 - January 2019
About the Tour
Blockstack hosted a global speaker series featuring thought leaders and luminaries discussing and presenting on key topics related to decentralization, the new internet, dapps, censorship, token economies, and more. The 'Decentralizing the World' tour featured some of the biggest names, projects, and people discussing the most important ideas, problems, and opportunities in our rapidly changing world.
Thank you to fantastic speakers that joined the tour in cities all over the world.
Muneeb Ali
Co-founder, Blockstack
Megha Rajagopalan
China Bureau Chief & Asia Correspondent, BuzzFeedNews
Alex Gladstein
Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation
Justin Hunter
Founder, Graphite
Michael Kaisers
Distributed Systems PhD, CWI Amsterdam
Avthar Sewrathan
Co-founder, Afari
Richard Adjei
Co-founder, Afari
Felix Madutsa
Co-founder, Afari
Richard Muirhead
Founder and Partner, Fabric VC
Vinay Gupta
Larry Salibra
Engineering Partner, Blockstack
David Fauchier
Justin Carter
Founder, Misthos
Jude Nelson
Engineering Partner, Blockstack
Katherine Wu
Business Development and Community Management, Messari
Daniel Jeffries
Author, Futurist & Thinker, Hackernoon
Pindar Wong
Chairman, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Limited
George Gilder
Information Theorist, Book: "Life After Google"
Kenneth Ballenegger
General Partner, Oyster Ventures
Carman Chan
Founder and Managing Director, Click Ventures
Jason Choi
Associate, Spartan Capital
Bonnie Cheung
Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Nick Grossman
GM for Special Projects, USV
Kelvin Koh
Partner, Spartan Capital
Edith Yeung
Partner, 500 Startups
+ more
Thanks to everyone who shared their time with the community.
What they discussed:
Peeling the layers of Decentralized Governance
From Agile to Immutable: Balancing Innovation and Trust in Decentralized Systems
Will Life After Google be Blockstack?
The Stacks Blockchain
Why global trade will inevitably move to the blockchain
Decentralizing your cash flow
2019 and Beyond: Crypto Outlook
Ensuring Internet Symmetry: Topology Over Geography
The new internet/web 3.0, dapps, censorship, token economies, and more.
Why building on Blockstack is more scalable than other dapp platforms.
Thank you to all the amazing Meetup Organizers who hosted the tour in their city!
  • Amsterdam 1, Louise Ivan
  • Amsterdam 2, Louise Ivan
  • Brussels, Cogarius, Friedger Müffke
  • Paris 1, JC Finidori
  • Paris 2, Cryptomondays
  • Munich, Alexander Thomsen
  • Berlin, Alex Obadia
  • London, Paul Gordon
  • Prague, Pete Van Velden
North America
  • San Francisco, Matt Davis & Paul Martin
  • Seattle, Mitchell Cuevas
  • Portland, Dan Trevino
  • NYC, Harry Solovay
  • Newark, NJ, Andre Preoteasa
  • Los Angeles, Anders Kargaard
  • Boston, Maggie O'Brien
  • Tokyo 1, Asuka Uesaka
  • Tokyo 2, Omar Massoud & Higo Koji
  • Bangalore, Shankar Ganesh
  • Kolkata, Dan Trevino
  • Ho Chi Minh, Loc Nguyen
  • Singapore, Kenneth Goh
Don't see a stop near you? Work with us to add your city to the tour, we're excited to support you!