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Blockchain technology companies face unique legal and regulatory challenges. This nascent industry is filled with complex legal and regulatory traps. Experts from Fenwick & West serve as strategic advisors to the world's most dynamic blockchain companies, working on the cutting edge of the intersection of technology and law. Join this crypto compliance session and ask them anything!
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We're limiting space to 50 participants to make sure everyone has a great experience.
What to expect
Blockchain technology companies face unique legal and regulatory challenges. Most entrepreneurs in the space are familiar with the "Howey Test" and the SEC enforcement actions in regard to ICOs, but this is merely the tip of the iceberg. This nascent industry is littered with legal traps such as: significant adverse tax consequences, state and federal regulation of convertible virtual currencies, CFTC regulation, federal and state securities laws, state corporate law compliance and governance, and additional issues like employment and compensation in coins and tokens, custodial compliance, broker dealer registration requirements, inadvertent investment company act exposure, intellectual property, cybersecurity and privacy.
A short presentation
A very brief overview of the major regulatory regimes and other financial regulations, such as custodial and broker dealer issues.
Questions & Answers
Before the session begins, we'll be collecting your questions (and anonymize them if preferred) to cover live during the session.
Good conversation
IN addition to your prepared questions, you'll be able to ask questions and chat with the team from Fenwick & West throughout.
The Experts
Fenwick & West
Providing comprehensive legal services to ground-breaking technology and life sciences companies.
Fenwick and West has helped more than 100 projects manage risks and remain compliant in the ever-changing and complex legal landscape surrounding blockchain and crypto. As part of the ecosystem since the early days of Bitcoin, they represent all major players from the world's largest exchanges to the most popular dapps, native protocols, miners, blockchain-focused hardware, investors and other blockchain ecosystem participants, and has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for blockchain-based technology companies. They represent companies like Coinbase, Binance, HBUS, Dapper Labs (the creator of CryptoKitties), Google, Coinme and Nebulas.
New to dapps or Blockstack?
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If you're looking to build applications that protect privacy, offer better security, and allow users to own their data and identity, the best place to start is the 'Zero to Dapp' Tutorial. This tutorial will help you through key aspects of building on Blockstack and give you a good sense of tools and resources available to you.
Learn in 60 Minutes
MARCH 28th, 2019 @ 12PM EST
The workshop, like Blockstack, is 100% free. It will be limited to 50 participants to make sure everyone has a great experience.